Poster Instructions

The poster session will take place on Monday from 5pm. The poster must be set up by the presenter upon arrival on Monday, September 19 between 12:30 and 13:30, or during the first coffee-break (at 3 pm). Posters must be removed by 4:00 pm on Wednesday, September 20.

General Recommendations
  • The working language will be English.
  • The first author is required to be present at his/her poster during the session.
  • Do not exceed the size of the poster board (120 cm wide and 150 cm high).
  • All material must be readable from distances of one meter or more.
  • Do not use heavy cardboard because they may be difficult to keep in position on the poster board.
Onsite Instructions
  • A member of the Organizing Committee will be available on site to assist you in setting up your poster.
  • The Organizing Committee will provide appropriate material to hang your poster on the board. Please do not use glue, tape, paint, or staples on the poster boards
  • Handouts of your poster may be available for distribution if you prefer. The copies should not contain advertisements or proprietary drug names.
  • It will not be allowed to display your poster or copies of your poster outside the assigned poster room.